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Online Addiction and Sobriety Application for Businesses

Substance Misuse is Costing Your Company

According to the National Institute of
Drug Abuse (NIDA), 1 in 5 Americans
suffers some degree of an addiction problem.


The Cost To Your Company From Substance Misuse Is Clear

Percentage of Addicts Currently Employed
Substance Misusers Have 7x the Healthcare Costs
Spouses of Addicts Have 3x Medical Costs
Substance Misuse Employees are 35% Less Productive

Impact on Your Company

Rising Costs
Decreased Productivity
Costly Litigation
Disruptive Workplace
Damage to Your Brand

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A Cost Effective Solution

Introducing the “first of its kind” digital solution to combat workplace substance abuse and addiction with an Online Substance Abuse Counseling Alternative. Freedom 365™ effectively drives down health insurance premiums and decreases both prescription and workman’s comp claims utilization. This 21st century online addiction and sobriety application for businesses uses technology that provides verifiable metrics and employee compliance for a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment, making it one of the best online addiction counseling programs for businesses.

Freedom 365™ is HIPAA and FERPA compliant, encrypted and secure.

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FDA Approved Mental Health Screening Tool

  • FDA approved. Comprehensive Mental Heath, early warning screening tool
  • Measures depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, somatic symptom disorder ADHD
  • Provides company aggregate report of entire employee population’s mental health
  • Ability to digitally send to all currently enrolled employees and their loved ones
  • Completely automated, providing private and secure results
  • Delivers immediate results and recommends Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System™, if applicable
  • Customizable Administrator notification of screening results

Why Your Company Needs Freedom 365

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, you are not alone. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), 1 in 5 Americans suffer from substance use disorder more commonly known as addiction. What may be surprising is that 70 percent of substance abusers are currently employed. You most likely know someone in your company who could use assistance battling this disease, and our online addiction and sobriety application for businesses can help them.

An Award Winning Solution

Employees struggling with addiction are not likely to seek help due to the high cost, time, commitment, and fear of negative repercussions, but there are cost effective solutions available. We have created a self-care, substance use counseling for human resource professionals. This award-winning system is currently being used across the country.

  • Fast Company Magazine listed Freedom 365 as a World Changing Idea for 2019
  • HR Tech magazine has named Freedom 365 as one of the Top 10 Wellness Solutions for 2021.
  • HR Manager Magazine named Freedom 365 Top Corporate Wellness Providers 2021
  • Silicon Valley Review Named Freedom 365’s CEO, Brain McAlister on it’s list 30 Most Inspiring Leaders of 2021

Freedom 365 can be easily and privately accessed via our online addiction and sobriety application for businesses. We teardown the obstacles that keep your workforce from seeking help and preforming at peak levels. VRS (Virtual Recovery System) Freedom 365 Smart Recovery APP is a simple, yet effective solution that will help your team win the battle over addiction.

Freedom 365 is an Investment that Pays

Substance abuse in the workplace is costly to your company.   Substance Use Disorder results in decreased productivity, costly litigation and workers comp claims, increased healthcare costs, a disruptive work environment, and damage to your brand. As a Human Resource Professional, you can help your team take control of their own behavioral and mental health.

By investing in the Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System, you provide your company a cost-effective solution that can truly make a difference in your employees’ lives. Freedom 365 self-guided virtual addiction recovery system is a comprehensive online addiction and sobriety application for businesses. It’s designed to remove barriers to substance abuse recovery by eliminating the high cost, removing the stigma associated with recovery programs, and making it easy for anyone to access whenever works best for them. Freedom 365 provides affordable, self-directed addiction counseling for human resource professionals.

Track Completion and Success Rates

  • Customizable admin dashboard to manage entire system
  • Track program participation and completion
  • Pull custom usage reports for your institution
  • Distribute early-warning assessments and manage licenses

Freedom 365 Saves Money
and Increases Productivity

Automated Early Warning Screening Tool
Low Cost per Employee per Month
Implement Immediately on any Device
Completed on Employee’s Schedule
Provides Metrics & Tracks Completion
Lower Premiums, Workman Comp and Rx Claims