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WEBINAR: Employee Empowerment – Flipping the Script on Mental Health

Are You Empowering Your Employees to Take Control of Their Own Mental Health?


They say COVID changed ONE thing — EVERYTHING.

One thing is for certain — no one’s mental health went unscathed.

With the reopening upon us (hallelujah) – our entire entire workforce will be facing all new behavioral health challenges… Just as we were getting use to non-stop ZOOM meetings and happy hours starting at 3pm right in very own living rooms, we’ll all be forced to readjust a new normal — or is is it an old normal? Who can keep track!?!?

Unfortunately a lot of us developed some unhealthy habits that are not going to serve us well as we get back to the workplace. It’s time for a tune-up!

The truth is, COVID wasn’t all bad… Lockdowns accelerated many powerful innovations with regards to how we address so many challenges, including mental health.

We all know that depression, anxiety and substance abuse are thriving in these uncertain times… That’s why we’re flipping the script and discussing how new innovations are allowing employees to take control of their of their own behavioral healthcare in new and exciting ways.

Join us for a complimentary, live Webinar on March 31, 2021 at either 12:30pm EST or 3pm EST, where we will discuss:

  • How COVID 19 and “Shelter in Place” orders have impacted the mental health of our workforce
  • The impact employee mental health and wellness has on an organization’s bottom line
  • How forward-looking companies are EMPOWERING EMPLOYEES to take control of their own mental health without the fear of stigma.

With the rise of mental health related related costs to the employer – employee productivity, absenteeism, disability costs, workers’ compensation claims and overall medical expenses, HR professionals walk a fine line when trying to have early intervention and provide the help an employee needs to help minimize the overall risk to the organization.  We will discuss the innovative tools they are using to help employees take control of their own mental health without fear of stigma.

This webinar is being held at two separate times — one at 12:30pm EST and one at 3pm EST to accommodate a variety of attendee schedule’s.

Space is limited, so sign-up for either of our time slots today!



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