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American Medical Student Association Partners with Freedom 365

Forward Thinking Organizations like AMSA are Making Access to Innovative Mental Health Resources a Priority for Its Members


February 8, 2021— The founders of Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System™ today announced that their first-of-its-kind digital substance use recovery solution will soon be available to all American Medical Student Association members and their families.  Freedom 365 will be available as part of AMSA’s growing wellness offerings, providing new hope to the millions struggling with mental health and substance use disorders since COVID lockdowns slammed the country nearly one year ago.

“Both Freedom 365 and AMSA have made accessing mental health support a priority, said Steve Ryerson, Founder and CEO of SJR IV Advisors LLC, who was instrumental in facilitating the collaboration. “Freedom 365 takes the content and activities of a substance use rehabilitation program and delivers it on-demand.  By offering a self-directed, digital solution, Freedom 365 is changing how people address mental health issues like substance use disorder without the stigma.    Now anyone can take the first step in addressing this very private and personal issue at any time, from anywhere, and in total privacy.  The partnership with AMSA will offer more accessible substance use support to the future leaders of an industry that is often reluctant to seek help with matters dealing with mental health,” Ryerson continued.

Burnout, anxiety, depression, and suicide have been hot topics in the medical community. Now with the COVID-19 Pandemic, they are faced with even more obstacles and struggles.  Even prior to COVID physicians faced an alarmingly high-rate mental health issues due to the unique pressures of the job, a fact that is reflected in a number of suicides per year that is double the general population.

According to Ramneek Hoonjan, a medical student in the Trinity School of Medicine, and previous chair of the AMSA WSL Committee, when the COVID pandemic hit, it disrupted the entire world. For medical students this meant rapid changes to the medical school curriculum, decreased student activities, removal of students from clinical rotations. Everything hit the pause button, but time kept moving on.

All too often feelings of anxiety, depression, and lack of human connection leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms, including self-medicating.   Very quickly this type of self-medicating turns into chemical dependence before most people even see it coming.

“Partnering Freedom 365 with AMSA immediately offers easy, on-demand access to this crucial behavioral health solution to this at-risk population,” said Steven McAuley, VP of Operations for Freedom 365.  “We’re proud to partner with AMSA because it gives us an opportunity to educate our future medical profession leaders on substances use, not only for themselves, but also the millions for patients they will serve in the future.  We know providing a private, automated, and self-directed program of recovery allows people to take the first step without fear of stigma or repercussion.  You can get educated on the recovery process without breaking your anonymity or risking exposure. There is something very powerful in being able to take a small step toward your recovery without ever having to share your concern with another soul,” he continued.

Freedom 365 was developed by Freedom 365’s CEO, Brian McAlister; a nationally recognized recovery expert and best-selling author on addiction and recovery with 30 years of personal sobriety. As a CEO of a Licensed Treatment facility specializing in substance use disorder, McAlister and his team became frustrated with diminishing access to affordable, quality addiction recovery services.  Recognizing the large gaps in behavioral healthcare system, led to the creation of the Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System™. The interactive system includes a digitally accessible 28-day program modeled after the content found in a treatment facility, plus over 500 searchable videos to help interrupt negative thinking patterns and habits, and a full suite of long-term relapse-prevention tools.

“Freedom 365 puts substance use disorder recovery tools instantly in the palm of your hand,” said McAlister.   “We’ve removed the major hurdles that many now face when dealing substance use disorder. Hurdles such as stigma, cost, and immediate accessibility. Freedom 365 removes the intimidation factor, with an easy-to-use interface, engaging videos, and other interactive content.  We address the behavior patterns that could hamper addiction recovery, all while protecting the user’s anonymity.”

According to McAlister, “Substance Use destroys lives and tears apart families, yet access to affordable addiction resources has become increasingly rare. This is about putting support in places where people can easily access it. Freedom 365 aims to expand access to the millions of people in need by eliminating barriers like high cost, need for insurance, personal privacy concerns, and time away from family, career and personal obligations.”

Medical students and physicians are not alone when it comes to battling this pervasive issue.   Substance use rates have skyrocketed across the U.S. since the COVID outbreak.   There has been an especially large spike in alcohol and opioid abuse, with some states seeing cases rise by as much as 20% – 30%.



About AMSA

As the only national independent student-run medical organization working for medical students, the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) provides education and leadership training, resources, ideas and a voice for physicians-in-training to enhance the power and performance of the medical profession.


About Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System™

Developed by Best Selling Addiction Recovery Author and State Licensed Addiction Treatment Center CEO, Brian McAlister. The Award Winning Freedom 365 – Virtual Recovery System™ takes the content and activities of a rehabilitation program and puts it into interactive digital experience that can be accessed privately – anytime, anywhere – from a phone, tablet or PC.   For more information on Freedom 365, visit


About SJR IV Advisors LLC

SJR IV Advisors leverages Steve Ryerson’s 40+ years of C-level leadership experience towards advising companies on how to grow their revenue, profits and market share. His commitment is to help these organizations become more relevant to those they serve. Steve’s advisory services have application to a broad range of organizations such as Financial Institutions, Insurance/Investment Companies, Insurance Brokers, RIA’s, FinTech, Insurtech and other organizations.



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